CAR Newsletter Spring 2013

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Eggs, feathers, and tweets: more CAR news for members
By Claire Wendland

In a heartfelt op-ed piece for CNN, CAR member Marcia Inhorn recently pleaded “Women, consider freezing your eggs.” Inhorn’s editorial hit notes that will sound familiar to many anthropologists of reproduction: she described the relentless pace and overwhelming work expectations of academic life that pushed her own choice to become pregnant later and later. Drawing on her own experience, and noting that women with career ambitions face a “fertility penalty,” Inhorn ended the piece by explaining that she will now begin recommending egg freezing to her female graduate students. While the editorial did mention some of the concerns one might have about the technology, it downplayed them in portraying egg freezing as a “technological game-changer” that may allow women to “have it all” after all

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