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    • Guerra-Reyes, Lucia, and Ruth A. Iguiñiz-Romero. “Performing purity: reproductive decision-making and implications for a community under threat of Zika in Iquitos, Peru.”
    • Kasstan, Ben & Sarah Crook 2018. “Reproductive rebellions in Britain and the Republic of Ireland: Contemporary and past abortion activism and alternative sites of care.”
    • Kasstan, Ben. 2018. Irish voters repealed the eighth: Now it’s time to ensure access to abortion care in law and in practice.”
    • Kasstan, Ben, Meghann Gregg, and Jonathan Kasstan. 2018. Sanitizing public health language: A response to the CDC language controversy. PLOS Public Health Perspectives [blog].
    • Konign, Anika. “Parents on the Move: German Intended Parents’ Experiences with Transnatioanl Surrogacy”
    • M. Medich, D. Mindry, M. Tomlinson, D. Swendeman, “The Forthcoming pull of soccer and the push of Xhosa boys in HIV and drug abuse intervention in the Western Cape, South Africa.”
    • M. Merdich, D. Swendeman, W.S. Comulada, U.H. Kao, J.J. Myers and R.A. Brooks. “Protocol for Promising Approaches for Engaging HIV-positive Youth and Young Adults in HIV Primary Care Using Social Media and Digital Technology Interventions: typologies and evaluation.”
    • Morgan, Lynn M. (2018): “Human Life is Inviolable”: Costa Rica’s Human Rights Crucible.”
    • Morton, Christine and Henley M, Seacrist M and LM Roth. Bearing Witness: U.S. and Canadian Maternity Support Workers’ Observations of Disrespectful Care in Childbirth. Birth.”
    • Suh, S. 2018. “Metrics of survival: Post-abortion care and reproductive rights in Senegal.”
    • Taragin-Zeller, Lea. “Towards an Anthropology of Doubt: The Case of Religious Reproduction in Orthodox Judaism.”
    • Williamson, K. Eliza. 2018. “Care in the Time of Zika: Notes on the ‘Afterlife’ of the Epidemic in Salvador (Bahia), Brazil.”
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  • Notes from the Field
    • Adrienne Strong: Reflections on birth companions in Tanzania
    • Julie Johnson Searcy: Notes from the Field: South Africa

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